When your girl takes roleplaying too far…

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One kick and she’ll snap like a twig.

This’ll be fun.

I shouldn’t enjoy that visual as much as I do. I shouldn’t, but that’s never stopped me before, so. 

And it shouldn’t stop you now.

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One kick and she’ll snap like a twig.

This’ll be fun.

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Isn’t she lovely?

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ooc; sorry for being sucky this week. had my finals for my psychology class and prepping for my bday this weekend and getting ready for Cali. As for the segment, I read over what you ladies had on the doc and im totes okay with that and whtat you write. And for the match, I haven’t talked to ash so idk whats going on with that. :|

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Never taunt a woman from Detroit.

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Finally reached what’s mine.

And I don’t actually feel like slicing someones throat tonight, so. Guess you all won too.

Get ready to choke on your ‘fairy dust’ Alexa.

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Just let me know when it’s done, bb

ooc; just sent it in. :)

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NOT FORGIVEN jk hi ily and so proud of you

ooc; HI MAL ILY2. ;-;

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