Isn’t she lovely?

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ooc; sorry for being sucky this week. had my finals for my psychology class and prepping for my bday this weekend and getting ready for Cali. As for the segment, I read over what you ladies had on the doc and im totes okay with that and whtat you write. And for the match, I haven’t talked to ash so idk whats going on with that. :|

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Never taunt a woman from Detroit.

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Finally reached what’s mine.

And I don’t actually feel like slicing someones throat tonight, so. Guess you all won too.

Get ready to choke on your ‘fairy dust’ Alexa.

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Just let me know when it’s done, bb

ooc; just sent it in. :)

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NOT FORGIVEN jk hi ily and so proud of you

ooc; HI MAL ILY2. ;-;

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ooc; sorry i was mia the past few days. Worked a show last night and kinda made my debut at the last minute. xP If any of the ladies in the MTIB Womens match are around, does anyone have anything else to add to the match before I write the ending?

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Classy as fuck.

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The way to my heart is with brown rice sushi.

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